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Robodora Robodora

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Woop wo00p! ^___________^

Kingbastard responds:


KSI' feat. Tineidae - Procyon KSI' feat. Tineidae - Procyon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great song! ^__^
Personally I'm a big fan of Big Beat, breakbeats and similar. Really liked the progression of the tune, it felt very much alive.
Good job!

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KSika responds:

Oh! thank you very much, Rucklo. ^^

Startide Startide

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A lot of your songs...

...seem to be Hybrid inspired, but I'm loving single one of them, this ain't no exception. Your stuff is tight, hope to hear you keep pushing songs out!

cycerin responds:

hi old boy

go to my soundcloud

Erik Jaime - WhyBother Erik Jaime - WhyBother

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This stuff...

... takes me back 15 years, and in that good stompin' way! It's mother fucking amazing, great job buddy!

Your friendly Reason teacher lololol ^______________^

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erikjaime responds:

haha thanx bro!!!!! all made possible due to your expertise!!!

Acid Paradox-Chernykh(COVER) Acid Paradox-Chernykh(COVER)

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hot shit

this sounds like a great cover, man!
i only got laptop-speakers to listen to, so its difficult to judge the quality, but it does work really fine in such small speakers.
the beat you added was nice! one critique is that, just the original, the beat is quite monotone. i never had time to make it more versatile in the original due to a deadline.

the shift that comes in at 3 min works really fine and despite the same melody and such, takes the tune a bit further!

great job dude, you made the tune just! :)

Acid-Paradox responds:

Thanks you sir

Ruben -Acid Paradox-

Evil-Dog - Presumed Dead Evil-Dog - Presumed Dead

Rated 5 / 5 stars

loving this shit man!

as always, your punk is top notch!

weird about switch though, i hope he'll turn up and say HAI soon!!

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Evil-Dog responds:

That'd be cool :D and thanks! I hope you're doing good

Galactic Apes Galactic Apes

Rated 5 / 5 stars


just loving this shit man! you should make more psy-trance, love the fact that you're NOT doing it in such a minimalistic way, there's alot of things going on all the time. keep em comin' as life rushes by! :)

PERVOK responds:

Thanks for the review, Rucklo. The way things are going I think I should stick to just writing psytrance :) I just suck too much at everything else, haha. Thanks again, fellow!

§Arbiter§ - Path of Heroism §Arbiter§ - Path of Heroism

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epic, as usual!

very epic, clean mix... what can i say, it's awesome, really.
the only thing i could imagine you might be able to work with a little more is the actual volume. if you can, with your software and whatever gear you have to mix with, try to make a "live mix" with the faders. its something that subtily will help improve things like ALOT. when i perform live mixing, i always fool around with the volume of the instruments, even if i never heard the band before. it DOES make a big difference of the overall sound.
Dynamics is something that probably alot of electronic/digital artists don't mess with all that much subtily, whilst back in the days pre-digi software it was one of few things you could work with.

If you dont have faders on some kind of console, it's more difficult imo to get a good feeling, but one can always automate things... still don't give the right feeling compared with live mixing with faders (or do both...). :(

Nevrtheless, this shit's amazing, like all your other stuff!

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§Arbiter§ - Aztec Ambition §Arbiter§ - Aztec Ambition

Rated 5 / 5 stars



There's realöly not much I can say, this is awesome and deserves extra exposure! Glad to see you around making music again, man!!! :D

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Arbiter responds:

Thanks for your support Rucklo, really is nice to see you are still around here and still have enough interest to throw a review : )

--Christian S.

White Noise (robot Day) White Noise (robot Day)

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neic tecno

i rely liek the tecno beat u maed made mang, its liek both tecno & robot al in 1 lol!

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Quarl responds:

lol, rucklo you silly bitch :p