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This is obviously trick-filmed, since old people never would be so quick with using a modern day contraption such as a smartphone, which also features them apps. Did you know that not all new smartphones have that facebook btw? You should make sure you purchase a new one only with that facebook

Nice butt-cheek breathing xD

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i keep crashing

maybe its just me who suck, but meh... first one was wonderful though. i'll give this another shot another day i suppose...

ttursas responds:

Remember to upgrade your car and the game will become easier...

amazing game

i got 877. tom rhymes with bom.

Manly-Chicken responds:

No! Tom rhymes with BOMB!
(silly Rucklo)

First time I tried it out...

...I quit after only two levels. But once you get the hang of it, it's really a fun concept.

I guess the big problem, like many seem to have pointed out, is the first threshold of understanding the game. Alot of people are like me, if they don't understand at once they'll give up and move on to something else, which is a real shame.

I think the most important issue could be dealt with by being alot more clear of what to do. F.ex. at the Claudette boss, the side-brains do glow slightly when entering the room, but it's possibly not enough. The glow could be a little more clear, f.ex. have some "glow-shadow" going on - dunno if you know what I mean, but visually make it a little more clear.
Making things more clear could also be advantegous to have sound come along with it, sublte "beeps" when the brain-areas glow would attract the gamers attention.

Claudette is just a simple example, I think that these little things is something that alot of the stages are in need of. Point with the whole hand what to do in some areas, simply.
Another thing that could be implemented is a "hint/lazyass suckah" button. When clicked, some score-penalty could be made, and when you o"premeditate" you would not only move yourself, but you would see everything else (or a few selected things) that moves too, in a shaded visualization. Or perhaps just have a few trainee-levels with the above "real-time shaded" concept going on.

The music gets boring after a while, a simple suggestion would be to fade out and pause the music inbetween each level - or perhaps even let the music, if only one tune, consist of say 4 loops. Once one loop starts, it'll keep playing the "full song", but the entry-point would be different between each stage.

In some games you'll see the "inbetween-levels" have a short loop, some only have some background-noise. In this game I think some distant screams and "futuristic techy noises" would've made a good ambience. Perhaps some distant machine rumble or so too.

More tunes would bring diversity, of course. What happened to the boss-tune btw? :)

In conclusion:
- The game is visually great. The overall gameplay-feeling is good, but it lacks claity of what to do. There could be more work with audio, which could add alot to said clarity, it would ease the first threshold of "what the hell am I supposed to do here" feeling that alot seem to get at first.

Don't be shy to hook me up if you guys want some custom-made music&sfx and feedback from an audio-guy's point of view if there's a next project in the future! :)

BoMToons responds:

I completely forgot about your boss track with the rush to release, I'll add it in when I get some time

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<3 ^____^

Woop wo00p! ^___________^

Kingbastard responds:


A lot of your songs...

...seem to be Hybrid inspired, but I'm loving single one of them, this ain't no exception. Your stuff is tight, hope to hear you keep pushing songs out!

cycerin responds:

hi old boy

go to my soundcloud

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wtf dis rely gewd!!1 <3

SevenSeize4President responds:

No U r rely gewd!!!!



No multi-n00bing, pl0x.



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