Kingbastards acoustic CD is AMAZING!

2008-10-23 12:02:52 by Rucklo

When I got home from a hard day full of maths, maths and some more maths - I found that the postman had delivered me something - namley Kingbastards alter ego Weeksy's album "The Don't Knows".

21 songs of pure awesomeness if you like ACOUSTIC, POETIC, BRITTISH music to relax to, get inspired of - or perhaps impress a girl with, showing that you've got sensitive and tasteful musical taste. :)

The CD can be purchased right here, I'm sure good ol' Kingbastard have more stuff, info, links to more albums or whatever etc. on his Myspace - But more importantly you should check his FREE stuff out right here on Newgrounds: Kingbastard's audio.

Aight, that's what I wanted to say - be a fan like me and support this talented bastard by buying some of his music, or at least pop hiim a review on his stuff here on NG!!! He deserves it!!!
As for me right now, I better get back to studies, got two exams next week, gonna try to fit all them books and info in my small head somehow... Wish me luck! :)

Kingbastards acoustic CD is AMAZING!


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2008-10-23 12:03:32

You study too much.. no wonder you were demoded

Rucklo responds:

heyyy... that was no good-luck wish. :'(


2008-10-23 12:52:54

I only like his songs when the genre of the song contains 3 or more words and several slashes


2008-10-23 13:33:56

now that you are not a mod, I like you now. ^_^


2008-10-23 16:06:14

Try fitting those books in your bumhole. Chron should have made it big enough for a bus to fit in. ^_ ^



2008-10-23 19:20:04

Cock joke.


2008-10-24 05:02:48

Let the soothing acoustic sounds of the Bastard King fill your head.


2008-10-29 02:41:27


Out of everyone here, I'm the first to say it. Tsk tsk tsk. It obviously means I love you more.

In a totally heterosexual manner.


2008-11-03 13:03:48

Yo, remember me?


2008-11-08 16:41:05

didnt you used to be a MOD what happened man


2008-11-09 17:54:22

ur may be swedish (lolghey) but I still luff ya! <3


2009-07-02 11:49:23

[email protected]:)

I never saw this post b4, infact, I'm not even sure how I stumbled across it, just wanted to say thanks uber-belatedly, and WOW, they gave you NUFF STICKERS:P U like the TidyTunes flyer too? (That's my deisgn that is:)