2012 Submissions

Back Alley (WIP) Industrial Song

2011 Submissions

Rucklo - Lagerkvist (9) Ambient Loop
Rucklo - Kojima (8) Ambient Loop
Rucklo - Jarnac (7) Ambient Loop
Rucklo - Gibbs (6) Ambient Loop
Rucklo - d'Arrest (5) Ambient Loop
Rucklo - Ciffreo (4) Ambient Loop
Rucklo - Chernykh (3) Ambient Loop
Rucklo - Biela (2) Ambient Loop
Rucklo - Arend (1) Ambient Loop
Rucklo - Nine Cometnamed Loops Ambient Song
Rucklo - Mud Step Dubstep Loop
Rucklo - Mooching Dinner Classical Loop
Rucklo - Mad Boss Industrial Loop
Rucklo - Plan Your Madness Industrial Loop
PG & Rucklo - Chant Remixxx Yo Dubstep Loop
PsychoGoldfish &Rucklo - Chant Brit Pop Loop
madness break WIP Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Geometric Distortion Video Game Loop
Rucklo - Abstract Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - Abstract WIP Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - Broool (WIP) Miscellaneous Loop
We Like the Bacon Miscellaneous Loop
Face Down Bacon Up Miscellaneous Loop
Rucklo - Endless Handbag Remix Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Endless Handbag WIP Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Two Slices of PI Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - Irrelevant WIP Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - Automatic Dude Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Stay On the Main Road House Song
Rucklo & Guzzi - Deeper Again Hip Hop - Modern Song
Rucklo - Fear t. Flight REJECT Miscellaneous Loop
Rucklo - Cave of No Escape Miscellaneous Loop
Rucklo - Royal Encounter Classical Song
Rucklo - Fear the Flight v.3 Miscellaneous Loop
Rucklo - Cave of Wonders Menu Video Game Loop
Rucklo - Abrupt Awakening Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - BB vs BW final fight Drum N Bass Loop
Rucklo - BigBen vs Wade fight Drum N Bass Loop
Rucklo - BigWadeVs BigBenClock Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Rucklo - Deeper Again WIP Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Rucklo - Story of your life Miscellaneous Loop
Rucklo - The Backyard Murr Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Deal with it WIP Industrial Song
Rucklo - Empirical Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Forfeit Miscellaneous Loop
Rucklo - Empirical WIP Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Mental Malfunction Drum N Bass Song
B.O.B - Furry Farm Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Mental MalfunctionWIP Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - AAAAA Miscellaneous Loop
B.O.B feat.Wade - Bleeding Oak Grunge Song
Rucklo - Fuck you dogowner Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Drunk Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - A Better Tomorrow WIP Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - Mysterious Clock Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Rucklo ft.Kerstin - OpenFields Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - Chiptune Jingle Bells Video Game Song
Rucklo - Indestructable Video Game Song
Rucklo - Schiz Trance Song
Rucklo - Motion Mastered Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Motion Pre-Master Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Drive (Loop) Drum N Bass Loop
Rucklo - Hopeless Redemption Classical Song
Rucklo - is Khuskan´s mother Techno Song
Rucklo - Hewitt Themesong Funk Song
Rucklo - EmoBitch (NoVox) Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - Tankdick Skratched Hip Hop - Modern Song
Rucklo - Distress Call Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Horror Classical Loop
Rucklo - EmoBitch (NGedit) Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - Dratsabgnik Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - I Switch It On Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - The Audio Forum Rules Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - Carlita Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - The Drifter Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - When I Saw 2Pac Techno Song
Rucklo - Insomnia Hip Hop - Modern Song
Rucklo - Teknokrator Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Teknokrator (Loop) Miscellaneous Loop
Rucklo - BeatingUp The Weakest Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - I Like Machines Industrial Song
Rucklo - Carcass Under My Bed Heavy Metal Song
DirtySpaceboy Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - In Holes Heavy Metal Song
COOONTAAACT! (Battle Hymn) Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - Initiative Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Area51 Ambient Song
Rucklo - Second Thoughts Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Direct Your Wrath Techno Song
The Open Techno Song
Yours Truly! Trance Song
Rucklo - Sold Techno Song
Cyber City (ShortLoop) Miscellaneous Loop
Rucklo - Heigh-Ho (Remake) Techno Song
Tension (4 film making) Ambient Song
Just A Fantasy Ambient Song
Rucklo - Starblast Miscellaneous Song
Wrecked Rear Video Game Song
Faster, fool. Miscellaneous Song
My Brother can Bounce Hip Hop - Modern Song
Dream Of IceCream Pop Song
Angry Industrial Song
Over The Mountains Ambient Song
Everyday Worker (ShortSong) Miscellaneous Song
Friendly (SongLooping) Miscellaneous Loop
Leave My Mind (ShortSong) Miscellaneous Loop
Nuclear Winter (ShoortLoop) Techno Loop
In the Base (ShortLoop) Miscellaneous Loop
Running (ShortLoop) Miscellaneous Loop
I Kill You (ShortLoop) Miscellaneous Loop
HUmanoid DRoid Miscellaneous Song
Electric Elephant Drum N Bass Song
Slam Drum N Bass Song
AgentsUniverse Miscellaneous Song
Mild Dilerium of Chilli Miscellaneous Song
RatPack Miscellaneous Song
Denna Goda Värld Heavy Metal Song
Skogströll Heavy Metal Song
Grevens Final Fight Heavy Metal Song
LineUp Miscellaneous Song